RaptorNet Condor

As a leader of a large organization have you ever wondered if you could learn, in real time, whether or not your communications assets are meeting the needs of your enterprise?

Is there a system that can tell you right now, without conducting a two week study or convening several meetings, that the telecommunications facilities (including all fixed and mobile devices) used by your employees and encountered by your customers, partners and suppliers are performing as specified, are being billed correctly and are delivering real value to your organization?

Yes, there is!

Meet Condor

TMA Net’s Condor platform does what no other asset or expense management system on the market can do---that is to offer Total Telecom Management (TTM) .

Despite reductions across the board in long distance expenses and in the cost of fiber optic connections, US businesses will watch their aggregate telecom spending grow to more than $930 billion in 2008, an increase of 300% in six years. Enterprises have typically failed to properly identify all the sources for these growing telecom costs and therefore have failed to institute proper controls.

Some firms have turned to companies in the recently evolved Telecom Expense Management (TEM) field to organize and reduce the costs of their proliferating communications assets such as cell phones, Blackberries, PDA’s, etc.

Total Telecom Management means that Condor addresses all telecommunications issues inside AND outside the demarcation point, providing total lifecycle control of all your communications assets. Now you can tell at a glance how many mobile phones are assigned to your organization, who’s using them, for what purpose and at what cost and if that recently separated employee turned in the mobile phone upon leaving.

Further, IT and Finance managers are regularly presented with a bewildering array of data arising out of the interface between their enterprise telecom facilities and the local telephone service organization, global service providers, cellular services, Internet Service Providers, cable companies and satellite operators. Condor’s holistic software overcomes the frustration arising out of dealing with these multiple sources of data and billing by integrating all this information while automatically providing the following:

Cost savings
By electronically scanning all service provider bills, Condor will uncover all mismatches between services billed and those actually used and will typically deliver savings in the range of 25-40% of total telecom spend.

Improved spend management strategies
Condor will positively impact your planning decisions by giving increased intelligence about your enterprise’s total telecom usage enabling your administrators to more effectively leverage your organization’s buying power by negotiating more advantageous vendor contract terms and pricing as well as optimizing rate plans based on actual usage.

True use maximization
Condor converts usage data into valuable management information. Our software will not only tell you that you do not need to order more expensive broadband cable facilities but that your usage patterns indicate that you can eliminate two of the five cables that you are currently leasing.

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What is TTM?

Total Telecom Management (TTM) constitutes the ability to not only monitor, evaluate, audit and modify those facilities and services which exist in the world outside your offices but to also keep track of everything inside.

This “Outside/Inside” capability is unique to TMA Net and of critical importance to the enterprise operator. Identifying, locating and allocating expensive telecommunications tools to the right department and person is the only truly complete way to gain control of all telecom assets and spending.

In effect Condor “looks” within the enterprise and automatically collects data from switches and routers (known as network elements) to assess usage, call patterns, network performance and facility availability.

Now a sales manager can determine if his telemarketing group is placing the desired number of calls per day; finance can monitor the number of handsets and Blackberries assigned to human resources; Information Technology can learn the performance of the router located in building 15 or which administrative assistant covers for the executive area during lunch.

For a complete list of Condor's Outside/Inside capabilities, please click here.


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