About Us

TMA Net has a well-earned reputation for providing products and services to effectively manage, maintain and operate private telecommunications networks and information technology systems. TMA began life in the early 90's convinced that it could develop and market a best in class telecommunications management system aimed at organizations with large networks.

The company decided that it also had the requisite skills to provide operational support services. Since that beginning, TMA has utilized its strong technology roots to evolve into both a product and a professional services company.

From its inception, TMA provided both software products and experienced personnel to manage, maintain and operate telecommunications networks and information technology systems. TMA’s clients, nearly half of whom have been part of the TMA family for more than ten years, include large enterprises, federal agencies, mid sized businesses and major telecommunications service providers.

This support delivered to these clients ranges from providing a complete network management center to providing manpower to staff for the management center and service/trouble desks and to fill such positions as network engineers and project managers, system administrators and technicians. TMA is structured to provide support and maintain a complete communication operation center or to fill in any areas needed to supplement a client's own staff.

TMA has a well-established performance record within the telecommunications and expense management software industry and in providing professional information technology services. We understand the rapid pace of change in both telecommunications and in IT and we help our customers manage newly emerging, converging and diverging technologies.

With solutions designed from the outset to be modular and flexible in nature, we provide all the right pieces to satisfy your telecommunications and information technology needs and the expertise to put it together.



Company Highlights

Over 15 Years experience in Operational Support System, Telecommunications Management Software and Professional Services

Over a quarter million subscriber lines under TMANet management

Clients include large enterprises, federal agencies, major telecommunications service providers and mid sized businesses


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